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A safer space is a supportive, non-threatening environment that encourages open-mindedness, respect, and a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety. It is a space that is critical of the power structures that affect our everyday lives, and where power dynamics, backgrounds, and the effects of our behavior on others are prioritized. It’s a space that strives to respect and understand survivors’ specific needs. Everyone who enters a safer space has a responsibility to uphold the values of the space.

We say ‘safer’ realizing that not everyone experiences spaces in the same way as others, so any one set of guidelines established to create safety may not meet the requirements of everyone and there may be complications or lapses in fulfilling those guidelines in practice. We would like this space to be welcoming and engaging, and we encourage everyone to be proactive in creating an atmosphere where the safety of others is valued. Everyone entering Sugarloaf Center is asked to be aware of their language and behavior, and to think about whether it might be harmful to others. This is no space for violence, for touching people without their consent, for being intolerant of someone’s religious beliefs or lack thereof, for being creepy, sleazy, racist, ageist, sexist, hetero-sexist, transphobic, able-bodiest, classist, sizeist, or for using any other behavior or language that may perpetuate oppression. We desire to live our lives in a way that proactively seeks to subvert oppression, to undermine the very possibility that someone will feel harassed or discriminated against. We need to recognize that oppression, discrimination, assault, and abuse are perpetrated by people who we know and love and share similar anti-oppression ideologies with. We acknowledge that as long as oppressive systems exist on the larger level, their traces may find their way into our spaces, events, and our actions. We have a responsibility to take care of each other, while holding each other accountable.

Individuals who have engaged in oppressive behavior, even outside Sugarloaf will be held accountable within it. Those with a history of being called out for sexual assault or abuse, or other oppressive behaviors will not be tolerated in the space. False accusations are extremely rare and safety is our priority.


Please keep the following in mind when utilizing our space or interacting with people:

Dealing With Conflict

If you experience or witness harassment, abuse, sexual assault, or if a perpetrator of sexual violence is interfering with your participation in an event/discussion, please approach a Sugarloaf volunteer that you feel comfortable talking to. They are here to help with any conflicts arising from the violation of our policies.

Volunteers have been trained in dealing with conflict and are empowered to enforce these rules, as well as to make the final decision on anyone’s expulsion. As stated earlier, Sugarloaf reserves the right to ask anyone who is in violation of our guidelines to leave when asked. When a decision needs to be made to give ‘benefit of the doubt’ to someone who has engaged in abusive behavior or to support a survivor, the preference will be given to the survivor.

By entering Sugarloaf, and/or participating in the activities of Sugarloaf, you agree to abide by these guidelines.

We welcome the continuing discussion about and improvement of this policy.

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Sugarloaf Center is a semi-autonomous project of the Sugarloaf Community Association (SCA), a 501c3 nonprofit and 7-acre land project in Williams, Oregon. Views and opinions expressed by Sugarloaf Center do not necessarily reflect those of the SCA.

206 Tetherow Rd, Williams OR 97544 / 773-599-2548 / / Open Hours: Monday, Thursday, Sunday 2-6PM / @sugarloafcenter on Instagram & Facebook / Support us on Patreon or send a one-time donation via Paypal